Housewares Design Awards

2014 Best in Category: Home Organization, Laundry Care & Non-Electric Cleaning

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Quick 'N Easy Upright Sweep Set

Busy, time-crunched, hard working consumers want cleaning to be easy, and Casabella tried to give them what they want with its Quick ‘N Easy Upright Sweep Set.

Certainly, the company was sufficiently successful to win the approval of the Housewares Design Awards judges, who declared the Quick ‘N Easy Upright Sweep Set to be the winning product in the competition’s Home Organization, Laundry Care & Non-Electric Cleaning category.

In response to winning the award, Bruce Kamenstein, CEO of Casabella, told HomeWorld Business, “We are very proud to have won this award.  Our team has done a great job. Casabella takes great pride in the design and manufacturing of its entire line of products, so it’s very gratifying to be recognized by the industry.”

In developing the Quick ‘N Easy Upright Sweep Set, Casabella looked at a standard cleaning task and decided to combine the two tools necessary to complete it into one form. In essence, Casabella took a broom and upright dustpan and made them one entity.

As developed as the Quick ‘N Easy Upright Sweep Set, a full-sized durable broom snaps onto a freestanding dustpan that stands steady on the floor for hands-free operation. As a result, Casabella noted, the unique sweep set allows for easy sweeping with no bending, which can be a boon to many consumers with debilitating back and leg conditions.

Casabella built flexibility as well as practicality into the product. The broom and dustpan both fully disconnect from their poles so they can be used in small spaces like a car trunk or high places like a workbench. The dustpan folds up for compact storage so it’s a fit for small apartments where closet space is a premium.

The Quick ‘N Easy Upright Sweep Set is positioned as a premium product, made with quality materials for durability, Casabella noted. Its features and benefits allow the Quick ‘N Easy Upright Sweep Set to take the place of multiple products in the consumer’s home, the company added.

Cleaning is something everyone has to do, and at Casabella, the company related, the staff strives to make cleaning a little easier with products that work harder for consumers and let them clean their homes in style.

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