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2014 Best in Category: Personal, Health & Garment Care

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Escali Scales

SmartConnect™ Body Scale

The Escali Scales SmartConnect Body Scale delivers weight, of course, but it also establishes a method of conveniently tracking the results of any health or fitness program. The scale syncs to the Escali SmartConnect app. So, functionality is enhanced because the data the scale generates is available on an interactive touch screen display.

The information interacts with the app wirelessly. The SmartConnect Body Scale uses Bluetooth SMART technology to send weight measurement information it has collected to a user’s mobile device. There, the app saves the information, at which point, it can analyze and provide the user with results that can be tracked over time and against goals. And all the information is available in real time, just as soon as a user steps on the scale and makes the connection.

To make it even more useful in developing a healthy living program, the SmartConnect Body Scale can interface with the SmartConnect Kitchen Scale. In application, that means the user can track weight change and the nutritional content of food consumed. By applying that to a food journal feature, users can compare graphs, review nutritional information, see resulting body weight or mass index changes. Indeed, with scale and app, users can receive the kind of in-depth information that once was accessible only through a doctor’s visit, and they can do it from the comfort of their own homes.

The Escali Scales SmartConnect Body Scale has a sleek, black tempered-glass design that should make consumers comfortable placing the product in most bathroom environments. The total weight capacity is 440 pounds. A large back-lit readout makes the scale easy to understand for users who want to check the built-in reporting function but may have issues with vision.

The capacity to make scales more user friendly and, in application, healthier for consumers who want to ensure they’re doing the most to improve their wellness is reason enough to cite the Escali SmartConnect Body Scale, the winner of the 2014 Housewares Design Award in Personal, Health & Garment Care.

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