Housewares Design Awards

Bronze Medal Recipient

2017 Best in Category: Gadgets & Kitchen Tools

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Oxo Good Grips Hand-Held Spiralizer

With its compact design and functionality, Oxo’s Good Grips Hand-Held Spiralizer earned the Housewares Design Award Best of the Best Bronze and Best in Category for Gadgets & Kitchen Tools.

The Oxo Hand-Held Spiralizer is designed to make spirals with a square cross section for vegetable noodles that are uniform, curly and approximate the texture of spaghetti. Its unique wide opening accommodates larger fruits and vegetables and is easy to clean.

Oxo noted that when it designed the spiralizer, the company was challenged to come up with something unique in an already crowded market. The company also said it was inspired by larger tabletop spiralizers that yielded better results such as veggies that look and feel like pasta, and worked to match those results.

During the design process, the company said it took a tabletop spiralizer blade apart and mounted it to a cross-section cut from an Oxo water bottle to build its original prototype. Oxo said that is how it was able to create vegetable noodles that are different from competitors’ designs, which julienne the vegetables instead of truly spiralizing them.

The stainless steel blades on the Oxo Hand-Held Spiralizer are different from other similarly sized, small hand-held versions on the market, Oxo said. Spirals made with the Oxo tool have a square cross section, which makes the resulting vegetable noodles uniform and curly and approximate the texture and mouth-feel of spaghetti.

The Oxo Hand-Held Spiralizer, similar to its Oxo water bottle cross-section design, is sized to be held comfortably in the hand. The company said it was able to achieve this based on the work it has previously done with the water bottle project. The aim was to create the perfect diameter to hold comfortably, since designers were able to capitalize on the work done previously on the water bottle project to determine the right diameter for gripping.

The non-slip grip keeps hands steady, and a food holder keeps hands safe and snaps over the blades for safe storage. In addition, the spiralizer is small for compact storage, something also attractive to consumers.

Oxo further noted that the compact size and its low pricepoint has made the hand-held spiralizer a good gateway kitchen tool to allow consumers to try spiralizing without making a big financial purchase or dedicating a lot of kitchen cabinet space.

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