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2017 Best in Category: Home & Outdoor Décor

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Ora in/Ora out clock

Alessi triumphed in the Home & Outdoor Décor category at the Housewares Design Awards with the Ora in/Ora out clock, which the company devised to slot into corner spaces.

The company’s national sales manager, Jens Menke, characterized the clock as a fresh approach that Alessi has taken to help enhance domestic environments, especially those subject to cramped conditions.

“The Ora in/Ora out clock was designed for smaller spaces,” he said. “If you don’t have enough wall space, it’s a unique way of displaying a clock in your house or in your apartment. We have more than 3,000 different items in our catalog. We just restarted some wall clocks, so this is part of a new collection.”

Created by designer Giulio Iacchetti, the clock comes in two colors in minimalist forms that take some degree of inspiration from stud-style cuff links. In that way, the basic design of the clocks can suit many different room styles.

The Ora in/Ora out clocks, Alessi noted, add to the functional and aesthetic quality of rooms, nestling in what might otherwise be unused corners and enhancing room appearance by combining simple forms with soothing shades of orange and white. With their corner position, in fact, the clocks provide total accessibility, Alessi indicated, as anyone can check the time from anywhere they might be positioned in a room. Finished with gray clock hands, the Ora in/Ora out clocks are decorative without being imposing, the company suggested.

Made from thermoplastic resin, the Ora in/Ora out clocks run on AA batteries. They easily attach to walls using an assembly kit that provides corner support. Two dowels ensure the stability of the support even on wall surfaces that are not perfectly perpendicular. The support structure also makes attaching and removing the clocks to replace the battery or change the time simple.

Menke pointed out that Alessi’s winning the best in category award during the Housewares Design Awards ceremony at the Winter Las Vegas Market was a particularly nice circumstance given the company’s choice to operate a showroom at the Las Vegas World Market Center.

“We are three years at the market,” he said. “It’s a nice accomplishment for us.”

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