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2017 Best in Category: Home Environment Appliances

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Swizz Style

Stadler Form Eva Ultrasonic Humidifier

The Stadler Form Eva ultrasonic humidifier merges form and unique functionality, earning it the Best in Category honors at the 2017 Housewares Design Awards in the Home Environment Appliances category.

“We have a design element to our products, they’re functional but they’re also pretty. They’re not something that you’re going to want to hide in your home. But Stadler Form is also known to be innovative,” said Julie Monroy, vp/operations, Swizz Style.

In contrast to some ultrasonic humidifiers, the Eva unit is suitable for placement directly on the floor. “Eva’s designed to have a tall, sleek housing and a strong fan. This allows her to sit directly onto the floor and push the moisture high into the air. This eliminates the need to put the humidifier onto a table, unlike other ultrasonic humidifiers in the market,” Monroy explained.

The humidifier can accommodate up to 860 square feet, and, on its highest setting, can shoot the mist four feet in the air.

Another unique feature of the appliance is its remote control with incorporated humidity sensor. “All other humidifiers have their humidity sensor inside of the base of the unit. Unfortunately, this gives the unit a higher humidity level than the actual room because the sensor is too close to the moisture leaving the unit,” Monroy said. “With Eva you can sit the remote control across the room and it will communicate the correct room humidity level to the unit.”

The humidifier also features adaptive humidity technology, which is said to adapt the humidification output in auto mode to reach and maintain the desired humidity. It also includes a backup sensor, and allows users to refill the large water tank without turning the unit off.

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