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2017 Best in Category: Home Organization, Laundry Care & Non-Electric Cleaning

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Casabella Holdings LLC

Spin 'n Dry Mop

Casabella Holdings’ Spin ‘n Dry mop, recipient of the Best in Category award for the 2017 Housewares Design Awards in the Home Organization, Laundry Care and Non-Electric Cleaning category, was designed with consumer needs for quick, spot cleaning and convenient solutions in mind.

According to Judy Alexander, vp/marketing at Casabella, the Spin ‘n Dry mop also recognized the consumer shift toward spin technology and eliminated the need for an oversized bucket. 

“Spin mops have changed the way consumers mop their floors but many do not have space for a large bucket, like that of our Spin Cycle Mop. The Spin ‘n Dry Mop is a self-contained unit where the water is extracted inside the plastic cover and then flows out through small holes. The dirty water never comes in contact with the mop again, leaving the mop cleaner and drier,” she said.

The design features an internal mechanism and centrifugal force to wring a traditional twist mop. The internal mechanism and centrifugal force allows for more effective wringing with minimal effort. The design also allows users to mop with less water, reducing drying time for the floor.

In addition, Alexander noted that the mop has an affordable pricepoint of $24.99 and the unique design makes it ideal for small space living.

“By putting the spin inside the mop cover, the Spin ‘n Dry Mop is a space-saving, effective cleaning solution,” she said.

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