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2017 Best in Category: Tableware, Serveware & Beverageware

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Frieling USA

French Press

Frieling USA’s French Press Coffee Maker, which took home Best in Category in the Tableware, Serveware & Beverageware category at the 2017 Housewares Design Awards, features a patented dual filtration system combining a pre-filter and an exclusive super-fine screen for superior coffee.

“The concept of the French press is a very old concept, so we’re very excited about the award and the acknowledgment that we answered the question of the consumer asking for a clean coffee French press, as French press coffee is known as a dirty, muddy coffee,” explained Yung Lindenbeck, vp/sales and marketing, Frieling USA, after accepting the award held during the Las Vegas Market at the World Market Center.

“Consumers wanted the coffee to be clean, even though they wanted to continue with the strong aroma that you get on the French press. Our patented filtering system answered this question,” added Lindenbeck.

Frieling’s patented screen on the French press coffee maker is said to catch any coffee grounds that may have passed through the pre-filter, which is said to virtually eliminate any bitter aftertaste and undesirable sediment in the cup. A stainless steel ring inside the coil prevents coffee grounds from bypassing the filter unit.

According to Frieling, an increasing number of consumers are coming to appreciate the advantages of drinking coffee out of a French press and having control over water temperature and brewing time. The award winning Frieling French Press is double wall insulated to keep the coffee hot four times longer than a standard glass or stainless steel press, according to the company. A curved ergonomic handle is said to make for comfortable lifting and pouring.

From an aesthetic perspective, the Frieling French Press mixes classic and contemporary design elements, with clean lines and slender silhouette. It is available in a variety of sizes and in both brushed and mirror finishes.

An added benefit, all of the French press’s components are said to be dishwasher safe, with no plunger disassembly required.

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