Housewares Design Awards

2018 Best in Category: Cookware & Bakeware

Emile Henry

Soup Pot

The Emile Henry soup pot is designed to function as both a cook pot and a serving tureen designed for the stovetop, oven and the table.

Made in France from burgundy clay, the pot ensures that heat is diffused evenly, cooks gently and maintains an optimal temperature throughout a meal, according to the company. The upturned rim is designed to avoid spills during cooking or drips while serving with a ladle. An immersion blender works well in the pot for creaming and blending soups, the company suggested.

Made of all natural materials, the Flame ceramic pot can be used on all heat sources including gas, halogen, electric and induction with an induction disk, noted the company. The lid is designed to fit snuggly in order to keep the heat in at the table and the high sides prevent the contents from boiling over during cooking. The new soup pot can be hand washed or cleaned in the dishwasher, the company said.

The 9-inch tall, 4-quart capacity pot, available in burgundy and charcoal, features elegant curves and vivid color, a stylish serving dish for the table. Carefully shaped, each piece is signed by the artisan who makes it, according to Emile Henry, and the pot is then checked by the person who packs it, adding a label with their name for traceability and as a guarantee of quality.

The suggested retail price for the soup pot is $130.

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