Housewares Design Awards

2018 Best in Category: Countertop Kitchenware

Botto Design LLC

½ Smart Storage System

The 1/2 Smart Storage System from Botto Design includes flexible airtight storage containers. The design can be an alternative to using the wrong size storage containers that may result in wasting space. Botto explained that inflexible storage containers can weaken storage capacity, but also rot food due to too much oxygen. The company asserted that its design helps to keep the air level in the container as low as possible.

To use, the consumer can open the lid, fill the container with food, close the lid, and press it down. This will provide larger storage capacity but with less air inside.

In addition, the 1/2 Smart Storage System has a one-way check-valve to release the excess air from the inside. When the container is compressed, the air goes out from the valve. Less air is left in the container and it helps keep the food staying fresher for longer.

Consumers can also adjust the height by pulling up or pushing down the container to get different storage volumes. For example, to store 24 ounces of food, a consumer can extend the container to its fullest, pour the food inside, then close the lid, and press down the container. Excess air is forced out and the lid will stop at the top surface of the contents.

Botto said that the current minimum storage capacity is 16 ounces and all the materials used are food-safe, BPA-free, and phthalate-free.

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