Housewares Design Awards

2018 Best in Category: Cutlery & Cutting Tools


CLASSIC 4.5" Asian Utility Knife

The Wüsthof Classic 4.5-inch Asian Utility Knife was awarded the Housewares Design Award Best in Category for Cutlery & Cutting Tools.

“Wüsthof is honored to have the innovative 4.5-inch Asian Utility Knife win the Housewares Design award. The Classic 4.5-inch Asian Utility Knife features a uniquely curved straight edge blade, which allows it to be used as a mini cook’s knife as well as a paring knife. The thinner blade performs effortlessly when cutting, slicing or dicing a variety of ingredients,” stated the company.

The company noted that the knife is designed for both low rock cuts that require moderate heft and precise balance, and closer handwork that demands a razor sharp edge and exceptional agility. Said to be the ideal size and shape for food prep tasks, the Classic 4.5-inch Asian Utility Knife performs when cutting, slicing or dicing a variety of ingredients, including small- and medium-sized fruits, vegetables and cheeses, and can even be used to trim meats and poultry.

As with all of the company’s Classic knives, the a Utility Knife features Wüsthof’s patented Precision Edge technology. This technology incorporates a new computer controlled method for putting the edge on forged knives. With this patented technology, the knives are made 20% sharper to 14 degrees per side (10 degrees per side on Asian-style blades). This refinement doubles the sharpness retention because exacting angles and edges last longer than edges sharpened by hand, explained the company.

Additionally, the new edge craftsmanship includes a “sharp and grind” technology designed to gradually lessen the amount of steel running down the side of each knife, and from the spine to the knife’s cutting edge. This further refinement enhances the blade’s sharpness and edge-retention. The new knife will be available in April 2017 for an SRP of $74.99.

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