Housewares Design Awards

2018 Best in Category: Gadgets & Kitchen Tools

Bradshaw International

GoodCook TOUCH Ice Cube Tray

The Housewares Design Award Best in Category for Gadgets & Kitchen Tools was awarded to Bradshaw Home’s GoodCook Touch Prep ’n Freeze Cube Tray.

According to the company, the silicone bottom and sliding cover on this ice cube tray allows the user to push out individual 2-ounce cubes while keeping the rest for future use. This, suggested the company, is useful for today’s recipes, which call for specific portions of starter oils or butters to be dropped into pans before sautéing.

The company also noted that pre-measured starters infused with herbs and spices and frozen is a time-saving technique widely used by busy home cooks today.

“We set out to expand the possibilities of what an ice cube tray could do in the home. Given what little time families have these days to cook and prepare their meals, but knowing everyone still wants to eat healthy, we feel like our Prep ’n Freeze Cube Tray can perform a multitude of tasks that can help. We’re very happy that our efforts were recognized— this award belongs to our whole product design team,” said Tom Barber, svp/product design, Bradshaw.

In addition, the company noted that the tray’s sliding cover not only allows easy access to a couple of cubes without disturbing the others in the tray, it also makes stacking easy in the freezer. It has a suggested retail price of $10.99.

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