Housewares Design Awards

Silver Medal Recipient

2018 Best in Category: Home & Outdoor Décor

Philips Lighting

Philips SceneSwitch LED light bulb

The 60-watt equivalent Philips SceneSwitch LED bulb changes illumination at the flip of an existing light switch with no dimmer or additional installation needed, which led to its winning the Housewares Design Awards Home & Outdoor Décor product category and taking Silver honors in the Best of the Best competition.

Philips created the bulb to help consumers make room atmospheres suit their moods and needs, the company indicated. They can make changes if the living room lighting is too bright at days end for relaxation, or the bathroom is so dim that an occupant can barely see to groom, an especially daunting proposition when applying makeup.

In fact, in its research, Philips found that only 28% of consumers feel confident they make the right lighting choices and that three in five report not knowing exactly what light bulb meets their needs. The situation is dire enough that 56% of consumers reported that they have household disagreements about lighting.

Philips Lighting developed the SceneSwitch bulb with three light settings in one 60-watt equivalent LED bulb. Consumers can mount the traditionally shaped A19 light bulb in an existing lamp or fixture, and flip the existing switch on and off to select a color, whether soft white light, daylight or warm glow. The SceneSwitch bulb automatically memorizes settings and returns to the last level of illumination when reactivated.

In addition to being easier on the eyes, the SceneSwitch is easier on the wallet, Philips asserted, as it can save more than 80% in energy costs versus traditional light bulbs, with an estimated yearly energy cost of $1.02. In another value benefit, Philips noted, the SceneSwitch offers a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs at an SRP of $8.97.

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