Housewares Design Awards

Gold Medal Recipient

2018 Best in Category: Home Environment & Floor Care Appliances


Blue Pure 411

Creating a design that is a focused, simple to use, powerful and high performing air purifier with sustainability in mind was Blueair’s goal when developing the Blue Pure 411, Erik Carlson, marketing manager for Blueair, told HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®.

It was this drive, and the unit’s unique technology and cleaning power, which earned it the Best in Category award within the Home Environment & Floor Care Appliances category in addition to the Best of the Best Gold award at this year’s Housewares Design Awards.

“The Blue Pure 411 utilizes best-in-class HEPA Silent filtration technology, which has led Blueair to be market leaders in the premium air purifier segment, at a $99 pricepoint,” Carlson said. “The Blueair Blue family of air purifiers are the only units in the market to offer a variety of pre-filter colors, making it easy to match any interior design or season of the year.”

In addition, the air cleaner taps into the growing consumer focus on healthy living and burgeoning home trends, such as the growing Millennial market.

“Consumers are putting more of an emphasis on healthy living, and we’re starting to see that translate in the home. Consumers are making the shift to build with more sustainable materials and add products like Blueair air purifiers that contribute to an overall healthier home environment,” he said. “The Blue Pure 411 is well suited for Millennials, who demand high quality, small footprint, eco-friendliness, style and lower operating costs.”

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