Housewares Design Awards

2018 Best in Category: Personal, Health & Garment Care

Pretika Corporation

Pretika Shiatsu Foot Massager with Thermal Technology

Tapping into the growing home health care trend, Pretika’s Shiatsu Foot Massager with Thermal Technology uniquely combines cooling and heating technologies into one unit, earning it the Best in Category award for the Personal Care, Health and Garment Care category at this year’s Housewares Design Awards.

Thomas Nichols, president of Pretika, noted that the foot massager was designed to change the way consumers perform foot care health by incorporating thermal technology to their foot care routine, which translates into improved comfort and improved self-esteem.

According to Nichols, incorporating a cooling element and fan unit within the internal structure of a foot massager is the unit’s most unique feature.

“The cooling element required designing and producing a small refrigeration unit that can generate 50- to 59-degree cooling combined with a fan unit to distribute cool air to the feet placed on the massager’s pivoting, rotating foot pads,” he explained.

In addition, the home foot massager taps into the growing at-home health care market. “With an increasing number of consumers experiencing trouble with their feet combined with consumer acceptance at an all-time high and validation within the medical community continuing to gain strength, this provides the perfect market environment for at-home devices, such as electric foot massagers, to provide the benefits of massage and therapy in comfort at home,” he said.

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