Housewares Design Awards

2019 Best in Category: Cookware & Bakeware

Lodge Cast Iron


Lodge’s Cast Iron Cook-It-All took home the first annual Housewares Design Innovation of the Year, as well as top honors in the cookware & bakeware segment of the 2019 Housewares Design Awards. The product was selected by judges from among the 11 Best in Category housewares winners.

The 14-inch Cook-It-All is two pieces of cast iron that can be configured five different ways, the company said. The large cooking surface is designed for preparing multiple items. According to Lodge, the reversible grill/griddle offers a large cooking surface and also acts as a lid. The 6.8-quart bottom is a wok and skillet, which can be inverted to become a domed lid for baking. The included heavy-duty handles are designed to maneuver the iron while keeping hands safe from heat, while the reversible grill and griddle sides have a raised rim that keeps grease out of the fire.

Set atop a grill stand or directly onto the coals, the Cook-It-All has optimum heat retention and heats evenly throughout the large cooking surface, the company said. Like all Lodge cast iron products, the Cook-It-All is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil. Baked onto the iron, this seasoning process gives it a natural, easy-release finish that only gets better over time.

Additionally, the Cook-It-All is built to last— and won’t end up in a landfill, said the company. Made from recycled materials, the Cook-It-All will remain an owner staple for generations. It has a suggested retail price of $130.

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