Housewares Design Awards

2019 Best in Category: Gadgets, Kitchen Tools & Countertop Accessories

Neoflam Americas

Smart Seal

The Housewares Design Award Best in Category for Gadgets, Kitchen Tools & Countertop Accessories was awarded to the Smart Seal from Neoflam Americas.

The glass-sealed storage container features a one-touch dial versus a traditional four-sided connection, that the company said makes it easier to open.

Unlike with a four-sided connection, the Smart Seal eliminates this inconvenience by switching the dial. By using the Smart Seal, it is possible to effectively utilize the space by eliminating unnecessary areas on both sides when displaying food or storing food, the company noted.

The Smart Seal storage container is suitable for storing liquid and dry foods due to a mechanism that utilizes screws on the dial, sealing the silicone at the edges by generating the force to pull the top and bottom together and allowing both top and bottom to press each other up and down.

The Smart Seal minimizes the need for storage space, as its slim lid maximizes storage space in the canister. The transparent body enables consumers to recognize what the product has in the containers. When stowed, the rim was placed at the edge of each product to prevent it from shaking or falling easily.

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