Housewares Design Awards

2019 Best in Category: Home Décor & Outdoor Accessories

Mark Feldstein & Associates, inc.

Revers-A-Brella® Inverted Auto No Drip Umbrella with Flashlight

The roots of the umbrella can be tracked back thousands of years when the device was used mainly to shade one from the sun. Since that long ago period in history, the umbrella has been used mainly as a device to keep people dry from falling rain.

While the umbrella has gone through many a design iteration, the Revers-A-Brella Inverted No-Drop Umbrella with Flashlight offers a design that, according to officials at Mark Feldstein & Associates, eliminates the “dumping” of water onto the user as they close the umbrella.

The umbrella was recently named Best in Category in the Home Decor & Outdoor Accessories category at the 2019 Housewares Design Awards.

When designing the product, company officials said they started by reviewing how a standard umbrella is constructed and if there was anything different that could be done. As a standard umbrella is closed, its edges close inward toward the handle, resulting in what the company said is “dumping” of excess rain water onto the user.

To rectify that problem, Feldstein & Associates reversed the closing motion. Rather than the umbrella’s edges closing down toward the user, the Revers-A-Brella folds in the opposite direction. Company officials said this motion captures excess rainwater, helping keep the consumer dry.

A second benefit of the Revers-A-Brella is the fact that its narrow end is nearest the user, allowing them to gradually close it as they get into an automobile or enter a building.

In addition to protecting users from the elements, the Revers-A-Brella is also equipped with a battery-operated LED flightlight located in the handle. Company officials said the decision to include the flashlight was done to provide the user with increased safety and visibility when walking during extreme weather conditions.

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