Housewares Design Awards

2019 Best in Category: Home Environment & Cleaning Appliances

Swizz Style

Stadler Form Roger HEPA Air Purifier

Maintaining a healthy environment in the home is an important issue for a growing number of Americans. As consumers seek out products to purify the air that surrounds their loved ones, they are also looking for products that mesh well with the décor of a living room, den or bedroom.

Swizz Style’s Stadler Form Roger HEPA Air Purifier was designed to meet the needs of today’s health conscious consumer, according to the company. The unit received the Best in Category honor in the Home Environment & Cleaning Appliances category at the 2019 Housewares Design Awards.

From the standpoint of design, the company sought to bring to market an air purifier that eliminates elements that would detract from the overall look of the unit. With this in mind, the company placed photoluminescent controls on the top of the air cleaner so they would be less intrusive. The recessed clean air exit grill is also hidden from sight, which allows for a convenient, centered carrying handle. This allows the unit to be moved easily from room to room.

Beyond the aesthetics of the unit, the Roger air cleaner features what the company said is a unique introduction of activated carbon, which acts to remove harmful gasses and odors from the air using Carbon Weave technology. This allows the activated carbon to follow the pleated lines of the HEPA filter to increase the surface area of carbon exposed to the air. The filter is required to be changed every 10 months to 12 months.

To allow consumers to keep an eye on the unit’s functionality, it has an air quality indicator light that shows the current quality of the air. Working in conjunction with its particle and gas sensors, the air quality indicator shows red for bad air quality, amber for medium and sky blue when the air quality is good. This feature can be disabled for night time operation to ensure no light pollution disturbs sleep.

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