Housewares Design Awards

2019 Best in Category: Personal Care, Wellness & Garment Care Appliances

Lidl US

Vitalcontrol Facial Cleansing Brush

Consumers looking to complete a daily personal care regimen at home are continually seeking products that allow them to meet their personal goals.

The Vitalcontrol Facial Cleansing Brush from Lidl U.S. is touted as a personal care device that is gentle on the skin and provides a thorough cleansing. The product was honored with the Best in Category award in the Personal Care, Wellness & Garment Care Appliances category at the 2019 Housewares Design Awards.

Rated waterproof IPX7 and suitable for use in the shower and in the bath, the unit features an LED display that informs the consumer when the battery is in need of a change. It is equipped with a one minute timer with three 20 second intervals. A soft brush is also included.

In addition, the Vitalcontrol Facial Cleansing Brush features two function levels: vibration for particularly gentle cleansing and pulsation for thorough cleansing to gain a soft complexion. The brush also comes equipped with three speed settings to allow the end user to customize their experience. The unit is also offered with a three-year limited warranty.

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