Housewares Design Awards

2019 Best in Category: Storage, Non-Electric Cleaning & Laundry Care

Bradshaw Home

Casabella Ergo Broom Plus with Dustpan

Bradshaw Home’s Casabella Ergo Broom Plus with dustpan is a highly versatile broom and dustpan design, and is recognized as Best in Category in Storage, Non-Electric Cleaning & Laundry Care.

The company was faced with the design challenge of updating one of the brand’s flagship products to make it more useful for the way people clean today. Redesigning the broom from the ground up, Casabella incorporated a broom head that detaches from the pole for easy cleanup of smaller messes without the pole to give the consumer a 2-in-1 function. It can be used as a full sized broom and dustpan as well as a handheld dustpan set at the push of a button. The integrated comfy grip on the broom head also doubles as a bumper to not dent furniture.

The other benefit is the detachable bristle plate, allowing the user to keep the broom pole, and not throw it out, replacing the bristles on an as-needed basis. Instead of purchasing an entire new broom when the bristles become ineffective, they simply slide the bristle plate out and replace. The cost of the bristles is cheaper and less wasteful for both the consumer and the environment. Not only does this help the consumer save money, it also allows for less waste or disposal of the product, extending the life of the broom.

The dustpan was also redesigned to include a softer grip on the dustpan handle that puts less strain on the hands, which makes cleaning for longer periods of time easier. An ergonomic pole allows for easy sweeping from any angle, which removes strain.

The broom’s form builds upon the success of the first generation Ergo Broom and updates its functionality to meet the needs of today’s consumer. Each feature is designed to give the consumer more value, whether it is the integrated comb on the dustpan to clean the bristles on the broom head, or detachable bristle plate.

The company noted that the customer always comes first when designing products, and the main goal with the Ergo Broom Plus was to give the consumer more value, extend the lifespan of the product and be less wasteful for the environment, while giving the user a multi-use, versatile broom that can be used for more than its original intention.

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