Housewares Design Awards

2019 Best in Category: Gourmet Specialty Foods

Chukar Cherries

Chukar Cherries Original Chocolate Assortment

Chukar Cherries took home the first Housewares Design Awards for the Gourmet Specialty Foods category. Chukar Cherries was recognized for its original chocolate assortment. According to the company, the original fruit and nut assortment features Chukar’s seven best-selling flavors.

Chukar Cherries said the fruit and nut centers of Chukar’s chocolate-covered confections are from Pacific Northwest orchards local to Chukar’s headquarters in Prosser, WA. The center of each piece is a naturally dried cherry, berry or fresh-roasted nut— high in natural sugar, full-textured, and slowly dried with little to no added sugar. Chukar uses old-world copper panning kettles to enrobe the naturally-dried centers in premium Guittard chocolate without artificial colors or additives.

“Our product is very unique,” said Teresa Garcia, sales executive for Chukar Cherries. “We dry our cherries using nothing but clean ingredients. We don’t add any sulfates and we just let the best of nature be the best.”

The company also said that it attempts to have a carbon neutral shipping practice, meaning that the carbon footprint is calculated, and UPS agrees to be environmentally conscious when shipping. The brown paper filler placed inside shipments to hold items in place is made from recyclable material and all of Chukar’s catalogs hold FCS certification.

Packaged for gifting, the cherry-red hard edge box is screen printed with a modern proprietary fruit pattern. Chukar’s original chocolate assortment is offered all year with an elegant, matte silver wrap band, the company said. Meanwhile, the inside contains a “treasure map” so consumers are easily able to tell what each piece from the box contains.

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